100 New Muslims

Islam is my Choice
Stories of New Muslims Converts
(often said Reverts because every man is a born Muslim)
Muslim literally means who submits his/her will to Almighty Creator

The following stories are taken from the book Islam Our Choice, compiled and edited by Ibrahim Ahmed Bawany, 1961. Note that some of the people have titles beside their names, such as ‘Lord’ or ‘Sir’. Their titles are not conferred by Islam: status in society is not the same as status in front of Allah। We have retained the titles to reproduce the book faithfully; we believe that most people will appreciate this. The complete version of Islam Our Choice is available in Indonesian language.



  1. You wrote that Islam was the way of Abraham, Moses and Jesus….

    If you want to follow the teachings of the first century historical man Ribi Yehoshua from Nazareth, born by Miriam and Yoseif in Beit-lekhem (Betlehem): A logical analysis of the historical documents and archaeology shows what he taught and how to follow him.

    (Ribi Yehoshua is described in the earliest documents of the original “Matthew“, which later was redacted into the “gospel of Matthew“ found in the “New Testament“.)

    Read more here:www.netzarim.co.il

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