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Sister Marcia Kassem was a very devout JW

( Asalamu’ Alaikoum, insh’Allah my expereince may help you understand a little bit about the JW’S and Islam as i was a very devout JW and thru sincere research into Islam for over 1 year i realized Alhumdulilah ( all thanks be to Allah) that Islam is the whole truth…best advise i can give you is to keep sincerely praying in whatever way you know how to God to Guide u and show you his truth and not the lies man and shayton has turned it into and He will show you… feel free to contact me with any questions. i have a facebook page i use for spreading true islam called and you can email me anytime atmarciakassem@yahoo.commay Allah continue to guide you, i and all truth seeking individuals ameen. 😉 )

Salaam my brothers and sisters,

I was listening a few days ago on the live broadcasting with sheik Yusuf Estes and heard the sister from Jordan who asked about how to deal with Jehovah witnesses coming to her door in attempts to convert people to their faith as Christians. Well I am a recent revert from this organization and would love to help shed some light on these people. It is my sincere prayer on a regular basis that this organization come into Islam, and Allah only knows for sure what is in the future but as we are taught from the Koran everything happens for a reason, It has only been very recent in history that Islam has been spreading very fast especially in USA.

This organization always says the light continues to get brighter and brighter. And I have a feeling very soon Allah is going to open the leaders (governing body) of this organizations hearts to accept Islam. Once this happens they will spread the whole truth of Allah in its full light through his beautiful Koran sent to his messenger Mohammed (PBUH). I pray dawah for this every day. Out of all Christianity they were the first to get rid of the worship of Jesus Christ and the cross. They sincerely tried to restore the bible as much as they could with the information available at the time, they put back Gods name the best they could in the bible YHWH and did their best to pronounce it as much as they could understand, the intentions they have are truly pure and I know this because I was one of them.

I came into Islam because I was truly trying to understand the religion so that I would be able to convert my husband to be Jehovah’s Witness who is Muslim. This organization encourages we understand all religions enough to know how to deal with them and eventually guide them to true Christianity. Well after almost 7 years of marriage and a baby I began to read the Koran to understand my husband’s beliefs and now here I am a happy and content Muslim Alhamdulillah! Now I pray that Allah bring Islam too many others and inshallah use me anyway he can to do this, I was raised to spread the truth and now that there is no doubt in my mind and heart that I have it I intend to do just that.

So my dear brothers and sisters in Islam I want to give you a few pointers on how to deal with this humble and kind group of Christians who are really trying to do their own type of Dawah to you. Be kind to them and do Dawah to them.

#1 Tell them exactly what you believe, that the Koran is Allah’s last and final message to Islam and it was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) The seal of the prophets and tell them you can prove this from their own bible. Refer them to

John 16:12-16 “2 “I have many things yet to say to YOU, but YOU are not able to bear them at present. 13 However, when that one arrives, the spirit of the truth, he will guide YOU into all the truth, for he will not speak of his own impulse, but what things he hears he will speak, and he will declare to YOU the things coming. 14 That one will glorify me, because he will receive from what is mine and will declare it to YOU. 15 All the things that the Father has are mine. That is why I said he receives from what is mine and declares [it] to YOU. 16 In a little while YOU will behold me no longer, and, again, in a little while YOU will see me.”

and make sure you emphasize the word “he” this means Jesus was referring to a human being not just a spirit, Gods spirit is not a person it is his active force. I know for sure there bible uses the word he because I have a copy here with me. Then as you or they read the verses make sure they understand that this man Jesus predicts is coming is going to “guide YOU into all the truth, for he will not speak of his own impulse, but what things he hears he will speak, and he will declare to YOU the things coming. 14 That one will glorify me, because he will receive from what is mine and will declare it to YOU.” Then show them from your Koran how that this is exactly who Mohamed is and that he was in fact unlettered and could not read or write and that he only recited what Allah told him to say nothing was his words it was not “his own impulse”

#2 Explain to them how the bible has so many contradictions and that it is no longer all of ALLAH’S words and that it is not trustworthy anymore and that is why ALLAH sent his Koran because man failed the test to preserve his words and the Koran is promised by Allah to be protected forever and nothing will be changed because He is guarding it. And explain to them that any Koran will always have the original language the Koran was sent from in Arabic and you will never find a Koran that does not match another one. They will probably tell you there bible has been fixed by the organization and that errors such as Gods name being removed has been put back into it, when this happens politely say that is very commendable but are you sure there are no other errors? If that was one error you found and tried to fix how do you know there are not anymore? Then have them look up these contradictions that will for sure be in there bible! I was shocked when I found these contradictions that sheik Yusuf Estes posted on his websites:

Genesis 6:3 and Genesis 11:11 – Life limited to 120 years?

Genesis 32:30 and Exodus 33:20 – Jacob’s life was preserved?

Exodus 4:22 and Jeremiah 31:9 – Who was God’s firstborn?

Numbers 23:19 and Genesis 6:6-7 – Does God repent or not?

2 Samuel 6:23 and 2 Samuel 21:8 – Did Michael have children?

2 Samuel 8:4 and 1 Chronicles 18:4 – 700 or 7000 horsemen?

2 Samuel 8:9-10 and 1 Chronicles 18:9-10 – Toi or Tou? Hadadezer or Hadarezer? Joram or Hadoram?

2 Samuel 10:18 and 1 Chronicles 19:18 – 700 or 7000 charioteers? 40,000 horsemen or footmen? Captain’s name?

2 Samuel 24:1 and 1 Chronicles 21:1 – Who provoked David?

2 Samuel 24:9 and 1 Chronicles 21:5 – 800,000 or 100,000?

2 Samuel 24:13 and 1 Chronicles 21:11-12 – 7 or 3 years?

1 Kings 4:26 and 2 Chronicles 9:25 – 40,000 or 4,000 stalls?

1 Kings 5:15-16 and 2 Chronicles 2:2 – 3300 or 3600?

1 Kings 7:26 and 2 Chronicles 4:5 – 2000 or 3000 baths?

2 Kings 8:26 and 2 Chronicles 22:2 – 22 or 42 years old?

2 Kings 24:8 and 2 Chronicles 36:9 – 18 or 8 years old? 3 months or 3 months and 10 days?

Ezra 2:65 and Nehemiah 7:67 – 200 or 245 singers?

Matthew 1:12 and Luke 3:27 – Who was Salathiel’s father?

Matthew 1:16 and Luke 3:23 – Who was Joseph’s father?

Matthew 9:18 and Mark 5:22-23 – Dead or not?

Matthew 10:5-10 and Mark 6:7-8 – Bring a staff or not?

Matthew 15:21-22 and Mark 7:24-26 – The woman was of Canaan or Greece?

Matthew 20:29-30 and Mark 10:46-47 – One or two beggars?

Matthew 21:1-2 and Mark 11:1-2 – What happened to the ass?

Matthew 26:74-75 and Mark 14:72 – Before the cock crow once or twice?

Matthew 27:5 and Acts 1:18 – How did Judas die?

John 3:16 and Psalms 2:7 – Only begotten son?

John 5:31 and John 8:14 – Was Jesus’ record true or not?

#3 After you showed them a few of the above contradictions tell them you have solid proof that the Koran is from Allah and refer to the evidence of reproduction in the Koran in Surah 23:12-14 and tell them to do research and find that there was no scientific evidence of such accuracy of the fetal development 1400 years ago when the Koran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed(PBUH). That only God could reveal such a miracle as conception. You can also show them how the Koran predicted that the Pharaoh in Moses day would be preserved for mankind to view today

“Today I will save your dead body so that you may be a sign for those who come after you.” Qur’an, 10:92 And today archeologist claim to have found this exact pharaoh and they could look this up online. I found this very interesting because the bible does not get specific to what happened to pharaoh, and the Koran proved true to this quote.

After stating these few of many facts of the Koran and showing them proofs from their own bible they will be sure to be questioning things in their own mind and Inshallah Allah will open there hearts to seek the real answers. Be sure to tell them you will pray for them for Allah to guide them and to guide yourselves as well, they will like to hear this and will respect you for it. One true Muslim said this to me while I was going door to door back when I was part of this Jehovah’s Witness organization and it really shocked me and made me very curious about Islam, and I truly believe this brother did do dawah for me because here I am 11 years later and Alhamdulillah am a Muslim.

I really commend Sheik Yusuf and all the sheiks and volunteers supporting Guide Us TV, I pray this work continues to grow and inshallah I pray this organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses begin to study Islam even to try to convert Muslims to there religion which is always thier goal because just as I studied Islam with the pure intention to convert my Muslim Husband to be a Witness I realized through the process that this is the pure religion sent straight from Allah himself. I know Inshallah Allah will open these honest hearted individuals to see Allah’s full Light in Islam, just as the Witnesses always say “the light keeps getting brighter and brighter” I know Allah will shine the light 100% on them very soon inshallha.

Inshallah this happens we will see millions of these Christians pouring into Islam that have been following this organization and with their organizational skills they will spread the whole truth like fire.

Until this happens Inshallah, We as Muslim brothers and sisters must support our Ummah and learn how to teach and be ready to do Dawah to all the disbelievers especially those who are beginning to research it and ask questions, we need to understand Christianity and other religions to know how to understand where people are coming from, and to make sure we are practicing true Islam so that we do not leave a negative appeal to Islam. It is each and every Muslims duty and we will be all asked about this on the day of resurrection. So do Dawah for our Ummah to spread the truth and for good intended people such as these Jehovah’s Witnesses who are really only trying to spread the truth, (as far as they know it) to come to the full truth of Islam.

Many dawah’s and peace and blessings to this wonderful Group of GuideUsTV and groups like it and to all our Ummah,

assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah he wa barakatuhu

Sister Marcia Kassem


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