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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

QUR’AN: If God helps you, then there is none who can overcome you. If He forsakes you, then who else is there other than Him who can help you? Therefore, in God let the believers put their trust.” [3:160]

HADITH: The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “There are two (kinds of) people worth envying: someone whom God has made rich and who spends his money righteously; and someone whom God has given wisdom and who acts according to it and teaches others.”



August 29, 2010

Compiled by Zulfiqar Ali Malik, Overland Park, Kansas, USA


Islam’s Emphasis on charity. Khwaja Mohammed Zubair, Khaleej Times, 8/29/10
Five myths about mosques in America. Edward E. Curtis IV, Washington Post, 8/29/10
Sen. Orrin Hatch defends proposed Islamic Center near Ground Zero. Fox13 Utah, 8/29/10,0,7425671.story
1 million more Pakistanis displaced by flooding. Los Angeles Times, 8/28/10,0,7334433.story?track=rss
Teachable moment: Community response guide. CAIR.
Ramadan is a spiritual Red Bull. Rezwan Kabir, Orange County Register, 8/28/10
Muslim liberal arts college takes root in Berkeley. Raja AbdulRahim, Los Angeles Times, 8/28/10,0,741658.story?track=rss
Fasting during Ramadan is ‘spiritual high’ for many. Wisconsin State Journal, 8/28/10
Fear tainting idea of the ‘land of the free’. Washington Gikunju, Kansas City Star, 8/28/10
Women of faith learn about Islam. Houston Chronicle, 8/27/10
Muslim players train with empty stomachs, nourished spirits during Ramadan. Dallas Morning News, 8/27/10
Dr. King’s dream versus Glen Beck’s scheme. Imam Mahdi Bray, 8/27/10
Non-Muslims supporting Muslims: What do Divorce, Death and Deen have in common. J. Samia Mair, Baltimore Muslim Examiner, 8/27/10
Friday Nasiha. Weekly Reminders for Successful Life, 8/27/10 
Muslim Americans give Obama highest approval rating. RTT News, 8/27/10
Zeitoun: How a hero in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina was arrested, labeled a terrorist and imprisoned. Democracy Now, 8/27/10
Attacked Muslim cab driver meets the mayor, speaks out at city hall. NY1, 8/27/10–speaks-out-at-city-hall
Corporate donors encouraged to support Pakistan appeal. Ekklesia, 8/26/10
Near Ground Zero, a shameful intolerance. Paul Krugman, 8/26/10
One church’s reasons to hate Islam, challenged by an expert. New York Times, 8/26/10
9/11 families, others rally in favor of NYC mosque. Argus-Press, 8/26/10
Build more mosques. Adam Server, American Prospect, 8/26/10
Bloomberg on mosque: ‘a test of our commitment to American values’. Wall Street Journal, 8/25/10
Members of all faiths gather in support of Islam. Connecticut Post, 8/25/10
Yearning to hear the voice of wisdom in ground zero debate. Vern Barnet, Kansas City Star, 8/25/10
Muslim college in Berkeley starts down ambitious road. Contra Costa Times, 8/24/10
Palestine’s students excel in new maths program. Counter Currents, 8/24/10
Girls’ education in Pakistan can not be swept away by floodwater. Susan Skog, Huffinfton Post, 8/24/10
Is the great mosque debate making us stupid? Mary Sanchez, Kansas City Star, 8/24/10
Atlanta Muslims help homeless for Ramadan. CBS Atlanta, 8/23/10
Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council Press Release regarding Park51/Cordoba House. 8/23/10
Until it hurts: A love letter to Pakistan. Rabia Ahmed, Acumen Fund, 8/23/10 
FEEDBACK: I find the exploitation of of your rights outrageous. The lies that the media puts out are equally unacceptable. Hatred is something I do not understand. And while I am not religious but rather a part of Tao I continue to speak out against injustice. Ignore those whose prejudice blinds them to the truth. Follow your rights and beliefs, we are all equal in this Universe and Muslims have every right to build your center of prayer anywhere you choose.  9/11 was a tragedy but so was the Oklahoma City bombing carried out by a self proclaimed Christian. Yet people put up crosses and other Christian symbols on that site. I support you by being here. I support you as human beings. May your faith see you through these times of injustice. We can not count on the government or the private sector to do what is right. Only individuals have the real power. Go in peace with the knowledge that there are people in Kansas City who support your peaceful way of life. Steven Addison, Kansas City, MO.
2. Someone sent Muslim American Journalists Association (MAJA) an email saying you write weekly newsletters about Muslims in America. I’m interested in subscribing and reading it. Aisha Qidwae, Chicago, IL.
PHOTOS: 1. Zaytuna College inauguration. 8/23/10
2. Pakistan flood damage. Toronto Star
VIDEOS: 1. Ramadan- You came to me. Sami Yusuf song, YouTube video (4 min)
3. Journey of faith. Abdullah Rolle, YouTube video (8 min)
4. America, Muslims: and the Ground Zero controversy. PBS films online. UPF.
5. ICNA Relief temporary housing for women. YouTube video (10 min)
HEAR YOUR CALL: YouTube video (4 min). . Hear Sami Yusuf’s latest single and please donate generously to the charity of your choice for the Pakistan Flood Relief:
Human Development Foundation
Islamic Circle of North America Relief
Islamic Medical Association of North America
Pakistan Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund
Zakat Foundation of America 
COUNTDOWN TO WITHDRAWAL: Aug 31, Tue, 8-9pm. Candlelight vigil. JC Nichols Fountain, 47th & Main, KCMO.
FAST-A-THON IN KANSAS CITY: Sep 2, Thu. The Muslim Students Association of UMKC is inviting non-Muslims on campus to join them to fast for a day and attend complimentary dinner that evening. Please make your pledge (for example pledge of $1 per student will donate $100 if 100 non-Muslims participate). All donations are tax-deductible and will support Pakistan Relief Fund. Convey your pledge amount to Arfaa Ali .
MOSQUE CARES ANNUAL CONVENTION: Sep 2-6. Somerset, NJ. Mosque Cares/Ministry of W. Deen Mohammed sponsors Ramadan Session and Annual Muslim Convention.
BIKE 4 THE BRAIN: Sep 6, Mon, Labor Day. Starts at 8am at 6000 Lamar, Mission, KS. A ride to raise awareness about mental illness. A 5K walk/run and a 1 mile walk are also available.
ZAKAT AL-FITR: Eid charity is $10 per living person in the family. Please pay in advance of Eid to your local mosque or send it to Pakistan Flood Relief funds.
EID AL-FITR PRAYER IN KANSAS CITY: Sep 10, Fri. Takbirat start at 8am, prayer at 9am. Metropolitan Community College, Business & Technology, 1775 Universal Ave, KCMO. Arrive early to beat rush hour traffic. Bring a rug or sheet for prayer.
MUSLIM FAMILY DAY AT SIX FLAGS: Sep 10  Jackson NJ, Sep 12 Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Sep 18 Boston, Los Angeles, Oct 2 Atlanta.
INTERFAITH REMEMBRANCE AND RECOVERY FROM 9/11: Sep 11, Sat, 8pm. Community Christian Church, 4601 Main, KCMO.
AMERICAN MUSLIM WEALTH STUDY: Sep 17 Los Angeles, Sep 19 San Francisco, Oct 9, Kansas City, Oct 24 Chicago, Nov Houston, Dec 11 Washington DC. Muslim Entrepreneurs and Professionals. Creating New Market Capital. Strategic Research Circle. 
SUKKAT SHALOM: BUILDING A TABERNACLE OF PEACE: Sep 21, Tue, 7pm. Avila University, Whitfield Center, 11901 Wornall Rd, KCMO. A dialog focusing on sacred texts of the traditions. Speakers: Rabbi Alan Cohen and Rev. Scott Meyers.
14TH ANNUAL CRESCENT PEACE SOCIETY DINNER: Sep 26, Sun, 6pm. Ritz Charles, 9000 W 137th St, Overland Park, KS. Tickets must be prepaid and purchased by Sep 20.
INTERFAITH SUMMIT ON HAPPINESS: Oct 17-18. Emory University. Keynote speakers: Dalai Lama, Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr.
KC FESTIVAL OF FAITHS: Oct 19, Tue. 7pm. Guest Speaker: Bruce Feiler at Village Presbyterian Church 6641 Mission Rd, Prairie Village, KS.
WRITERS PLACE: Oct 28, Thu, 7pm. 3607 Pennsylvania, KC MO. Writers Place and  Festival of Faiths present a multifaceted reading by a diverse group of Kansas City authors as they share, in poetry and prose, their inner pilgrimages.
ISPU 2010 ANNUAL BANQUET: Oct 30, Sun, 6:30pm. Livonia, MI. Keynote speakers: Farah Pandith & Rashad Hussein-Special Representatives of President Obama. 
“THE HINDU AND THE COWBOY”: Nov 7, Sun, 2pm. Kansas City’s one-act play inspired by true stories of people from many faith traditions. Truman Forum, Plaza Library.
6TH ANNUAL TABLE OF FAITHS LUNCHEON: Nov 11, Thu. “Making a Difference, Changing Lives.” Hyatt Regency Crown Center. Greater KC Interfaith Council.
EID AL-ADHA: Nov 16 Tue is expected to the Eid Al-Adha. The celebration of the completion of Hajj.
INTERFAITH THANKSGIVING DINNER: Nov 21, Sun. Reginer Hall at Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS. 

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