Posted by: Abrahim | 24/01/2009

Fascinating Narrations of New Muslim Converts

How I became Muslim
In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Stories of New Muslims
Peace and Blessing of the Almighty creator upon you , The

New Muslims are not semi literate or illiterate but from Higly rich families, priest, preachers, scientists .. please explore why they adopted Islam as faith and way of life and left trinity or jewish faith. We say them reverts because by birth a man is submiter to Almighty to One God …submission literally means Islam . A Muslem must believe in Jesus , Moses (peace and blessings upon them) as svavior and also prophet of God almighty. and Muhamman as Last prophet of Almighty God to guide humanity.
…He shows right path to whom He wants . No Guidance without The Almighty Creator’ s will. All we seek His mercy and guidance. He is the who sent His prophets and messengers (peace and blessings upon all of them) to convey His message to mankind. He is the only sole power on the day of Judgement. All prophets of Almighty God (Noah, Jaqub, Ishaq, Jousef, Moses,Yehya, Zakaria, Jesus, Mohammad (peace and blessings upon all of them) have given the same message of salvation through good deeds and faith on one Creater. He has many names … The God, Allah, Ar-Rahman, Al-Rahim, Ar Rab, Al-Ilah, Ilahim.
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Becoming Muslim The following set of stories are mostly taken from emailand newsgroup submissions.

Mr. Yusuf Islam
Ms. Afrah Alshaibani
Ms. C. Huda Dodge
Ms. Jewellee
Ms. Karima Razi
Mrs. Lara
Mr. Napoleon Bonaparte
Ms. Malaak
Ms. Penomee
Ms. Themise Cruz
Mr. Christopher Shelton
Mr. David Pradarelli
Mr. Ibrahim Karlsson
Mr. Malik Hassan
Mr. Michael Yip
Mr. Nuh Keller
Mr. Rob Wicks
Mr. Samir
Mr. Yahiye Gadahn


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